Anna Lebed

From Circle Of The Crone

Player Name - Lesley Packel

Current Name - Anna Lebed

Clan - Mekhet (Status 2)

Age - Unknown

Apparent Age - 18

Location - Washington, D.C.

Information - Anna Lebed makes her home within Washington DC where she serves its Prince, Garrett Kreuzritter, as Herald. Typically quiet and unassuming, Anna has been seen in the company of a wide variety of noticable and high ranking members of not only the Acolytes but other Covenants as well. Polite without awe, educated without being pendantic, there seems to be little fear of others station, taking instead the tack of interacting with the person rather than their standing within the Danse.

A non-participant, it seems, in the constant political and social struggles of the Kindred, preferring quieter company. But when she is out and about, Anna has been called on to lend her investigatory skills, her auspex, and her knowledge to issues of city and Covenant. Those who have worked with her have spoken highly of her and her analytical skills.

Rumors and Stories

  • Some say she is a rank neonate that has been carefully groomed to appear older than she is. Others say she is actually an Elder who has tired of the Danse and seeks to slowly retired from society or who has recently woken.
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